Driver Profile

Driver: Per-Gunner Andersson
Country: Sweden
Co-Driver: Emil Axelsson
Country: Sweden
Team: Proton Motorsport

Per-Gunner Andersson

Date of birth  : 10 March 1980
Place of birth  : Arjang, Sweden
Interests  : Motorsports, Waterskiing

Career summary:

When P-G was five years old his goal was to be a rally driver. That goal has been achieved and now the goal is to be the best in the world.

When P-G was 15 years old he began to drive Folkrace and drove until 1999 when he started with rally.

  • 1990 Starts driving in rally cross with a Saab 99
  • 1999 Starts rallying in a Volkswagen Golf. Wins 12 local events.
  • 2001 Sticks with the Seat but it's an unlucky season with no meaningful results.
  • 2002 Wins Norwegian Group N Championship in a Group N Renault Clio. Runner-up in the Swedish Group N Championship. World Rally Championship debut in Sweden, wins class.
  • 2003 Moves on to Super 1600 Renault Clio. In World Rally Championship, leads Super 1600 in Finland and finishes 6th in Sanremo. Also contests Catalunya and Britain
  • 2004 Joins Suzuki. Wins Junior World Rally Championship and Swedish Super 1600 title.
  • 2005 Entered from MSE, 14 rounds. Winning the 4th round of JWRC, Acropolis Rally.
  • 2006 Drove the whole JWRC, and it looked like he would be Junior Champion once again, but in Turkey he was disqualified. Entered from SSEUK, finished 3rd in the Junior World Rally Championship.
  • 2007 P-G and Jonas drove, once again, the whole JWRC with Suzuki. They took the gold medal and became the first crew to win the Junior Rally Championship title for the second time! After only competing on five of the six events.
  • 2008 P-G have piloting the all new Suzuki SX4 WRC car for the whole 2008 season.


Career Highlights

5th WRC Rally Wales
5th WRC Rally Japan

1st, disqualified JWRC Turkey
2nd JWRC Rally Norway
1st JWRC Rally Catalunya
1st Swedish Championship

2nd JWRC Championship
2nd WRC Rally Japan
1st WRC Rally Wales
1st JWRC Rally Greece
1st JWRC Rally Turkey
2nd WRC Cyprus
1st JWRC Rally New Zealand
2nd JWC Rally Mexico
1st VM Swedish Rally

2004 JWRC Championship
1st JWRC Rally Finland
1st JWRC Rally Turkey
1st JWRC Rally England
2nd JWRC Rally Spain
1st Swedish Championship

1st Swedish Super 1600 Champion
6th San Remo Rally

1st Norwegian Championship
2nd Swedish Championship

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