Driver Profile

Driver: Akira Bamba
Country: Japan
Co-Driver: Takahiro Yasui
Country: Japan
Team: Proton Cusco Rally Team

Akira Bamba


D.O.B.: 22 March 1986

Rally Driver, an apprentice to be a violin craftsman under his father.

Marital status: Married

Favourite driver:
Sebastian Loeb (very fast, also stable)

Winter sports, movie, to control everything with wheels


Current APRC Junior Cup Champion


2012: Driver for Proton R3 team

Ultimate goal with rally:
To be world champion, fastest driver on every character of roads like Sebastian Loeb, also cheerful driver like Peter Solberg. As he likes to contact with people, Bamba is aiming to be friendly top driver. 

From childhood, Bamba loved riding buggy on unsealed roads around his second house in country side( where he currently resident). Now he looks those days back as that was kind of start of rally driving as control on snow roads was quite uncontrollable and needed some skill.

As his older brother enjoyed to drive kart (and eventually became Super GT driver in Japan), Bamba also shared the time with his brother, but not much interesting for himself.

But when he watched some footage of Swedish Rally on DVD given from his friends, he naturally inspired from them and thought this was on the extension of the experience with buggy, then he decided to be a rally driver.

In 2006, he joined rally school in Finland and made rally debut at Rally New Zealand in same year. He finished his first rally in 20th Gr.N and 32th overall.He tried Japanese championship in 2008 and finished in 9th of the series.

He missed any rally opportunity in 2009, but following year, he grabbed big chance to enter selected events APRC in Suzuki Swift Sport from Cusco Racing. He achieved his commitment with the team with made impressive class victory at Rally Hokkaido and Rally China. In 2011, he made another step to try whole of series when he enter inaugural Junior Cup with all new Proton Satria Neo Group N.